About us

Tianjin Xingtong Medical Instruments CO.,LTD. is located in the state-level industrial park - Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park Xinmao Private Technology Park, is a collection development, production, development, sales and service as one to develop and produce Nano materials and biological materials as the main high-tech companies. Currently, the company's main products: Yin Wei Hong, chitosan gel.
Technical support

Nano-materials in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been included in 863 countries, one of key science and technology promotion. Companies use products developed by the patent: "CD-yin Hong" (one-time vaginal antimicrobial absorber) for the treatment and prevention of vaginal infection in women.
With the China University of Technology Department of Medical Polymer cooperate in chitosan biomaterial research, has already developed products: Chitosan hydrogel chitosan membrane cervical repair, chitosan hemostatic sponge, synthetic chitosan quaternary ammonium salt, etc..

Firm's objective is: honest and realistic, safe and effective, scientific innovation, constantly exceeding customer expectations continue to follow the laws and regulations.

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